DDoS Resiliency and Service Assurance

Empower the First Line of Defense

An impactful DDoS attack can paralyze the entire existence of your online business-often driven by malicious motives. Adversaries keep exploring new targets to exploit organizations, DDoS is a cyberattack in which the attack aims to resources unavailable to its intended business by temporarily disrupting services.

Practically, one of the greatest difficulties in mitigating a DDoS attack is to primarily differentiate between attack and legitimate traffic. Security teams need to build more advanced safeguard techniques that analyze attack context, and only accept legitimate traffic. However, the goal of the attackers is to blend in as much as possible, making mitigation efforts as inefficient as possible.

We design customized strategies for your DDoS mitigation solution aligned with service assurance metrics to be effective and resistant to potential attacks. Peering with DDoS simulation outputs in detail provides a data set about the design and configuration faults in the structure. Together with DDoS simulation services are the ideal way to build a better resilient posture for your business. All of these key services are perfectly aligned with your organization's security and peace of mind as a priority.

Key Benefits

  • Develop mitigation suggestions on emerging DDoS attacks
  • Validate your DDoS mitigation configurations
  • Predict service degradations and SLA violations before they escalate and impact customers
  • Trigger automated and semi-automated preventive actions with our STIX Intel integrations
  • Mitigate Attacks more robust
  • Better Integration and aligned processes with your teams
  • Scale up to grow with your business needs

Arcane helps you to prepare your organization with a better first line of defense strategies against DDoS attacks. Leveraging an insightful mitigation process, you can build strong cybersecurity baselining, and save your business from preventable losses.

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