Network Detection and Response

Stop breaches with leading AI-driven threat detection and response solution

What is NDR?

Network Detection and Response (NDR) is a new field of cybersecurity that continuously monitors enterprise networks to detect cyber threats and abnormal behavior through analysis of network traffic by using non-signature-based algorithms and machine learning (ML) and responds against threats by natively or integrating with other technologies.

Why NDR?

NDR solutions utilize behavioral analytics and ML to provide a threat model and detect advanced threats. It provides detection coverage for an attack lifecycle, including Pre-Exploitation techniques, and MITRE ATT&CK Framework covered tactics. NDR solutions simply enable organizations for full visibility, effective detection, and response, across on-premises and cloud.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Automatically detects, prioritizes, and responds to cyber threats
  • Speeds-up threat detections and reduces investigation time by capturing metadata at scale
  • Enriches security metadata with deep insights and context
  • Automates the manual tasks and reduces the overall security operations workload
  • Gives more time to proactively hunt for threats and investigate incidents
  • Accelerates response time by integrating and sharing security insights with other tools

Prevention doesn't stop threats

SecOps teams face a growing list of imperatives. Defense is difficult if you do not know where and how you will be attacked. From that perspective, SecOps teams must accelerate threat response as never before to protect organizations. They also face business pressure to increase operational efficiency with the list of tools. Traditional SoC is increasingly being displaced by assumption-based solutions that quickly address today's threats.

Vectra Cognito Threat Detection and Response platform is driven by ML, delivering the most immediate and efficient way to detect and stop threats in any environment. The Cognito platform prioritizes the threat indicators that pose an imminent risk to your network and provides actionable context and automated response, so you're always confident where to start threat-hunting and investigating.

NDR is the fastest and most efficient way to find threats in your environment. It saves valuable time by automatically analyzing users, devices, and their traffic, and prioritizing threats.

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