Operational Support

Excellent support contracts re-defines the standard

Ensuring optimal operations, and performance for security investments requires robust product maintenance, technical requirements, and knowledge of the threat landscape.

In addition to the time and resource allocation for a support contract, adds some pitfalls including:

  • Poor understanding of the concept and limited security experience
  • Recommendations provided without knowledge of customer requirements
  • Unmeasurable SLA commitments
  • Unable to adapt to ever-shifting changes in the threat landscape

Managing a support contract is a daunting task-especially for enterprises with complex networks. Ultimately, the support contracts fall out of sync with customer requirements and reality.

Why Arcane?

Our support service performs tasks like an extension of your team, bringing each element of your requirements together as one solution and then configuring it for you. Our end-to-end Operational Support Solutions allow you to focus on your core business while empowering your employees to be ready than ever.

Our architects and solution engineers deliver the exact requirements you need. Customers are provided with dedicated engineers who:

  • Deliver a clear and effective technical plan
  • Health-check and review the process of inventory
  • Recommend use-case suggestions on specific incidents and risks
  • Develop long-term plans to address security challenges
  • Welcome your ever-changing requirements
  • Deliver unrivaled expert knowledge

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