Vulnerability Risk Management as a Service

Quickly identify, mitigate and prioritize your vulnerabilities

Today's Vulnerability Management Challenges
  • 136% rise in widespread threats from 2020
  • 52% of 2021's widespread threats began with a zero-day exploit
  • 21+ critical vulnerabilities have been exploited to carry out ransomware attacks
  • CISA published a catalog of nearly 300 known-exploited vulnerabilities (100+ of which are from 2021
  • 58% of critical vulnerabilities were exploited within two weeks in 2021
Source: Rapid7 2021 Vulnerability Intelligence Report

Every IT and Cyber Security team is commissioned with vulnerability management and risk mitigation, when a new potential threat emerges, security teams usually find themselves needing to decipher unclear descriptions and untested context into actionable intelligence for risk models. Networks are an ever-expanding ecosystem of dynamic assets being targeted by threat actors that continue weaponizing critical vulnerabilities, your network offers possibilities that adversaries will exploit. Arcane's Managed Vulnerability Service continuously identifies vulnerabilities across on-prems, OT, IoT, VMs, and cloud assets with full visibility and contextual awareness across your attack surface. Illuminating vulnerabilities, as well as providing actionable mitigation advice helps not only reduce your attack surface but make vulnerability management achievable.

Service Benefits
  • Find your critical vulnerabilities across your network by impact and impending threats being exploited
  • Validate your patching/hardening controls
  • Identify potential risks and misconfigurations
  • Evaluate your remediation results on defined metrics
  • Focus on remediations with prioritized vulnerabilities - including comprehensive asset discovery, cloud configuration, container assessment, reporting, and more
  • Simplified regulatory compliance
  • Contextualized vulnerability reporting with Live Dashboards
  • Save time with automated tasks
  • Results Delivered via Support Portal
  • Access to experienced security engineers
Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

VRM Platform enables you to make your vulnerability management programs in minutes. Prescriptive risk-based prioritization provides risk scores that focus on what is important to mitigate. Our Managed VRM solution continuously assesses vulnerabilities across your network with assistance from Arcane engineers who serve as an extension of your team delivering vulnerability analysis and remediation suggestions. As your inventory changes, we periodically perform vulnerability scans and prioritize your new risks.

Arcane Advantage

No organization can manage all vulnerability risks simultaneously, it is a process and risks need to be prioritized. It's so important to ensure your time is spent on the ones that matter. Arcane provides full visibility with a security context that delivers actionable information about impending vulnerabilities that most impact your organization, but also lets you allocate resources and time to other areas of security so you can focus on your security posture and maintain your overall security posture.

Powered by Rapid7 InsightVM, you'll uncover exposures and prioritize your risks. Arcane VRM provides an expert-led assessment that identifies emerging risks in your network and endpoints that attackers can exploit. The Service is based on a clearly defined set of engagement rules to better align with customer plans.

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