Container Security

Find vulnerabilities in containers and Kubernetes workloads throughout the SDLC

What is Container Security?

Container security is the process of using tools and setting policies to ensure that containers are secure from threats and operate in a protected environment. Containers are a fundamental element in the development of microservices, which break down code into single-function modules that allow for rapid development and more straightforward management of today's applications.

IDC recently predicted that "by 2023, more than 500 million new logical applications will be created."

Containers could be compromised by an attack that not only damages the processes and tasks that the container is undertaking but could also allow attackers to spread to other resources by providing network access. Container security is naturally a complicated matter because of the general complexity of the container environment and typically no threat detection mechanism in the CI/CD pipeline against lateral-movement attacks.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Identifies alternate base image options to reduce vulnerabilities
  • Quickly reduce vulnerabilities with base image guidance
  • Scan and Identify issues before code is committed and containers are pushed downstream
  • Integrations with CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, CircleCI, and Azure
  • Integrate security into CI/CD pipelines and container registries
  • Find vulnerable workloads in Kubernetes clusters
  • Prioritize fixes based on context and exploitability
  • Match vulnerabilities to Dockerfile commands

Quickly Fix Container Issues

Snyk empowers developers to own security by finding and fixing vulnerabilities and license issues in their open-source dependencies and containers. DevSecOps teams should be able to efficiently manage the risk introduced by containers vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

Snyk Container is focusing on containers to fix vulnerabilities, versus providing a long list of vulnerabilities that are almost impossible to locate in the container layers, let alone fix. Snyk Container helps organizations by delivering mitigation guidance that empowers developers to identify the best ways to address container vulnerabilities.

Snyk Container is designed to work with a range of container image operating systems and package managers, Kubernetes platform, and container registries.

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