Deception Platform

Active Defense powered by high-interaction deception technology

Attackers have continually demonstrated they can easily evade an organization's traditional defenses. To remain effective, modern SOCs require additional skills and operations that fill the gaps not covered by existing security controls. Deception technology focuses on detecting adversarial early as possible in the attack cycle, closes visibility gaps, and misdirects attacks away from sensitive assets.

What is Active Defense?

Active defense is the use of offensive tactics to outplay or stop adversaries and make their offensive techniques more difficult to carry out. Active cyber techniques include decoys that blur the attack surface and trick attackers. This misdirection increases the attacker's time and processing power while security teams gather zero false positive active cyber intelligence data.

Deception technology is one of the best defenses that empowers today's incident response operations to avoid threats resurfacing.

In active deception, we are not talking about "hacking the hacker" but rather a form of active defense, applying counter-intelligence techniques within the cyber domain.

Key Benefits and Features
  • Improve protection for business-critical assets
  • Real-time, deception-generated threat intelligence
  • Create and deploy custom deception campaigns
  • Actively engage in targeted attacks such as APT and UNC attacks
  • Improve SOC responses in real-time and increase threat hunting capabilities
  • Gather real TTP evidence, IoCs of actively engaged threats
  • Easy to detect and higher visibility of lateral movement attacks
  • Automatically map threat data into MITRE ATT&CK Framework
  • Ability to control the adversary's behavior with active and/ or passive breadcrumbs

Deception is as old as time. More specifically, military deception has long been used as a way of misleading the enemy to gain a strategic or tactical advantage; either through espionage or the use of counter-intelligence.

The defense model based on cyber deception allows the security teams to create synthetic environments that are hard to differentiate from the real production environment. This is designed to fool the adversary and at the same time gather TTP evidence. and it provides detailed, actionable, and timely threat intelligence.

Counter Craft Deception Platform

Counter Craft is the next generation of threat intelligence. Counter Craft the Platform is a cyber deception platform that offers active defense powered by high-interaction deception technology. Counter Craft detects threats early, collects customized, actionable intelligence, and enables organizations to defend their infrastructure in real-time.

Threat Intelligence 2.0

The award-winning solution, fully integrated with MITRE ATT&CK® framework, fits seamlessly into the existing security stack and uses powerful automation features to reduce security operations workload. The Counter Craft Cyber Deception Platform includes a wide range of deception campaigns for production environments.

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