Next Generation Firewall

Delivering a new era of Prevention with ML-Powered Next-Generation Firewalls

What is an ML-Powered NGFW?

NGFWs have become the DeFacto standard for network security. However, it has some shortcomings against emerging threats;

  • Rising sophisticated threats.
  • Containerized Apps, IoT, and SCADA security space and complexity is increasing
  • WFH is adding an extra layer to the attack surface, and threat actors have more interest here.
  • Resulting in high OPEX costs, disconnected security processes, and hard-to-find real threats before they hit.

Key Features and Benefits
  • PA-Series Hardware NGFWs are designed for simplicity, automation, and integration
  • VM-Series Virtual NGFWs flexibly scale to secure deployments in public/private clouds and SDN environments
  • CN-Series Containerized NGFWs secure Kubernetes environments
  • Panorama gives you a single place to manage all your Palo Alto Networks NGFWs
  • High-throughput decryption to stop threats hiding under the veil of encryption
  • PAN-OS to get complete visibility and control of applications in use across all users and devices - anywhere and anytime
  • Adopt Zero Trust across the network security stack

The Proactive NGFW

A new paradigm needs more than a reactive firewall This is the new reflection behind network security technologies that embed machine learning (ML), shifting the standard NGFW from a reactive mindset to a proactive one. An ML-Powered NGFW discovers and learns continuously from datasets to detect emerging threats such as Inline ML, Zero-Delay Signatures and Intelligent Policy Recommendations. At Arcane, we believe that ML-Powered technologies can disrupt more threats and add more visibility with automation.

Palo Alto Networks helps SecOps teams to prevent cyberattacks with an automated approach that provides consistent security context across clouds, networks, IoT, and mobile devices. Its pioneering Network Security Platform protects enterprises that integrate security, automation, and analytics in the same platform.

Cyberattacks continue to grow their footprint with more types and speed. Traditional methods against attacks aren't enough to maintain an enterprise network. At the same time, users need greater access to more resources, from more locations, than ever.

The ML-Powered Next-Generation Firewall has materialized that employs ML and analytics to disrupt known and unknown threats - including IoT, SCADA and reduce security effectiveness with no errors and automatic policy guidance.

We provide a comprehensive range of security solutions with ML-Powered NGFW that extend security effectiveness with threat protection that is always up to date.

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