Dynamic Application Security Testing as a Service

Identify and mitigate exploitable vulnerabilities in your web applications and APIs

Today's Vulnerability Management Challenges
  • Web applications made up 39% of all data breaches
  • 76% of applications have some sort of security flaw, 24% contain high-severity flaws
  • 50% of the closed flaws were closed within 86 days
  • Only Log4Shell exposure demonstrates how unauthenticated attackers take control of vulnerable apps with a single-line request
Source: Verizon DBIR 2021 and Rapid7 2021 Vulnerability Intelligence Reports

The targeting of vulnerabilities in web applications and platforms is unlikely to slow down, so it's important to detect the threats that exploit them head-on, so exploiting vulnerabilities within web applications is a primary vector for adversaries.

Digital transformation and the ever-changing threat landscape increase an organization's attack surface for adversaries and pose inadvertent risks for impending threats. At the same time, organizations often lack skill shortages to keep up with threats. They need professional help to elevate their security goals, reduce risks, and control security effectiveness. This is where dynamic application security testing (DAST) comes in.

Service Benefits
  • Leading DAST solution
  • Cloud and On-Premise Scan Engines
  • Scheduled and Ad-Hoc scans
  • Custom attack templates
  • Vulnerability validation
  • Mitigation suggestions
  • Interactive Reporting
  • CI/CD pipeline integrations
  • Prioritize exploitable vulnerabilities in your applications and APIs
  • Results Delivered via Support Portal
  • Access to experienced security engineers
  • API integration
Arcane Advantage

Arcane helps security teams to identify web application risks including prioritized, actionable remediation to reduce the attack surface and help maintain applications' ever-changing risks in SDLC

Our Managed Application Security Testing allows you comprehensive application testing coverage (including OWASP Top 10, and the latest vulnerabilities). Our security engineers hold a unique combination of application security testing experience to provide vulnerability context that identifies and exposes areas of risk. Powered By Rapid7 Insight AppSec Platform, we never miss critical issues in our scenarios. By leveraging the leading DAST scan engine and attacker intelligence, our security engineers frequently test and provide mitigation suggestions for your applications so you can ensure that your assets are secure.

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