Attack Surface Management

Get a snapshot of your Attack Surface

Through the Eyes of an Adversary Viewpoint

The efficient method to identify potential risks is to view your attack surface through the eyes of an attacker. This means seeing every internet-connected asset you own, even if they were invisible to you.

Organizations are managing more internet-connected assets than ever before, but adaption to the cloud-enabled environments, growing remote workers, and decentralized IT, it's challenging to keep track of all of the changes. Many fall short when it comes to discovering and monitoring asset changes and the visibility of their attack surface risks—often don't have the resources to face these threats effectively and continuously.

That's where Attack Surface Management Solution (ASM) comes into the game. Visibility of exploitable vulnerability risks, organizations generally fall short, adversaries quickly scan your internet-connected assets to identify vulnerable systems, and siloed defenders hard to implement corrective actions i.e.: patches, etc, and other mitigations to protect their networks. Many incidents show that security teams take months (not days) to learn about the latest attack techniques, and the long MTTD (Mean Time to Detect) period exposes organizations to risk.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Quantify and remediate externally facing vulnerabilities
  • Provide insights with attack surface benchmark metrics
  • Optimize threat modeling
  • Convey the threat landscape to technical and non-technical personas
  • Deploy proactive security measures
  • Includes an initial inventory audit to establish system records
  • Involves ongoing discovery and alerting of new assets and network changes with imminent risks
  • Integrate with your security ecosystem

View your attack surface, as attackers do

By leveraging Palo Alto Networks Cortex® Xpanse™ to continuously discover internet-connected assets, organizations gain actionable insights needed to drive the operational changes required to improve their security posture

Xpanse provides an updated system of records with agentless discovery, attribution, and monitoring across your known and unknown environments for security risks and non-compliance. The solution will discover all of your assets with security metadata, helping defenders understand and make it easy to prioritize attack surface risks and remediation guidance, so organizations see the eyes of highly sophisticated attackers.

The foundation of any security practice is the inventory of assets they are responsible for securing. On the contrary, most organizations are disconnected from how exploitable vulnerabilities are targeting their systems, one of the other challenges is organizations face as they continue to scale, is the visibility of a complete understanding of what internet assets belong to them. Traditional practices fail to reach full coverage across the organization's attack surface, leaving behind significant visibility gaps.

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