Crowdsourced Penetration Testing

Continuous, on-demand security testing scaled by the world's most skilled ethical hackers and AI technology

Why Invest In Security Testing?

Security testing is an important part of security management, allowing for organizations to better understand their environments and where to focus their efforts around building attacker resistance.

Every 39 seconds, cybercrime is out of control, it is impacting the business of all sizes. One of the most effective methods to secure against cyber attacks is to perform penetration testing on your environments. Penetration testing assesses your security effectiveness and highlights your soft spots and vulnerabilities before an attacker has the chance to exploit them.

Why enterprise customers choose Synack?
  • Ability to scale testing to meet your changing dynamic needs
  • Top Independent Researchers ingenuity focuses on the high-risk assets, abide by ROEs (Rules of Engagement)
  • Bounty-driven testing for adversarial perspective with AI/ML orchestration
  • On-Demand and Continuous 24x7x365 penetration testing
  • Always-On Platform: Platform provides real-time testing results and analytics
  • A realistic hacker perspective technical evaluation of your assets' hardness against attack
  • High-quality vulnerability reports that enable your team to set priorities and shift left to work closely with DevSecOps to build trusted applications
  • Easy collaboration across dispersed virtual teams
  • Board-level insights and scores that help you understand your risks and threat landscape

The Premier Crowdsourced Pentesting Platform

In contrast to the traditional pentesting methods, crowdsourcing brings in the concept of a pool of independent researchers.

The Platform-based Crowdsourcing approach generates a continuous, always-on, controlled penetration testing process with well-orchestrated coordination between researcher, target assets, and compliance activities. Synack's on-demand SaaS platform scales security testing to fit your needs through a combination of crowdsourced security expertise and AI technology. The platform integrates directly into your existing stack and is uniquely designed for rapid organizations.

The Synack Red Team (SRT), provides proactive security penetration testing from an adversarial perspective—detecting and identifying vulnerabilities within organizations' web and mobile applications, host infrastructure, and networks, and connected IoT devices, that often remain undetected by traditional security solutions

What's the ROI from Pentesting?

The Platform-based Crowdsourcing technique gives 4x higher ROI than traditional pentesting. Quantitatively, this amounts to a 159% ROI due to increased effectiveness, efficiency, and scale.[1]

[1] ROI estimate based on Synack data through Q1 2020. Assumes a comparison to a traditional pen test for 80 hours of testing, 6 weeks to start an engagement with a new customer, and 1 work week for report generation

Synack Covers in Penetration Testing

Public-facing Testing

The Synack Platform performs continuous analysis of externally facing web/mobile applications for exploitable vulnerabilities and underlying API/network-layer traffic that are often overlooked

Internal-facing Testing

Enterprise, host-based infrastructure is highly dynamic, requiring changes to be tracked on a regular basis. The Synack performs continuous analysis on assets that exist behind the prevention stack, assessing for misconfigurations, cryptography weaknesses, authorization issues, and other common exploitable vulnerabilities found on host infrastructure.

Cloud Testing

Synack can test your cloud infrastructure for vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and weaknesses that can undermine organizayions security posture.

IoT Testing

IoT is comprised of predominantly sensor-based products with limited computational ability. The Synack IoT assessment consists of ongoing security testing to identify issues within the firmware, APIs, business logic, and physical devices.

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